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Wide three footed vase in beech

Wide three footed vase in beech

Thin walled open vase in beech, with three handcarved feet. 
17cmH x 14cmW, 2-4mm thick walls. 

This piece was turned while the wood was still wet, and allowed to warp while drying. The three handcarved feet ensure it remains stable even after warping during the drying provess. 

The beech used came from a private parcel within the Sonian forest of Brussels. The tree stood at 50°38'29.9"N 4°20'08.8"E.


  • Care info.

    Wood is a natural material and can continue to react to changes in atmosphere and humidity. The possibility of further changes to the final shape or even the appearance of cracks are inherent to the material. 
    Avoid using the vase to hold water, or let fruit or vegetation decay inside it.
    Avoid leaving in direct sunlight or in areas with extreme variations of temperature, such as on a windowledge, or over a heater. 
    Cleaning can be done with a damp cloth. Do not put in the dishwasher or microwave. 


    FLASH: Pickup available in Dublin, May 22 if you order by Friday 17 May at latest. 

    Standard shipping cost for EU shipping. 
    Pickup option available by appointment in Brussels. 
    Contact me for delivery outside of EU. 

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