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Volume I hollow form

Volume I hollow form

This is a large fully hollowed form, turned from fresh beech wood from the Sonian Forest of Brussels. As the piece dried it warped and twisted around its grain orientation and inclusions. 

The tree it came from stood at 50°38'29.9"N 4°20'08.8"E. These coordinates are permanently marked on the base of the piece. 

 it measures 47 x 15cm, with an opening of approx 14cm, and a wall thickness of 2-8mm.

  • Care Info

    The wood is finished with a beeswax and oil finish that lends a subtle, semi matt lustre to the surface.  
    This item is intended as a decorative art piece and not for food contact. Occasional cleaning with a lightly damp cloth is all that it requires, although you may want to wipe the piece down with a light neutral oil such as sunflower oil from time to time. 

    Avoid leaving in direct sunlight or in areas subject to great variations in temperature or humidity such as directly over a heater. 



    Shipping is not included in the purchase price. I will contact you to discuss options as overseas shipping will require a crate. Thank you. 

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