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Chestnut burl winged vessel

Chestnut burl winged vessel

This unique piece is made from a chestnut burl harvested by the Sonian Wood Coop from the Royal gardens in Laeken, Brussels. 

A burl is a deformation in a tree's growth, usually in reaction to an external injury. 

This piece is one solid piece of wood, consisting of a closed form inner vessel, approx 18cmx 10cm, with very large flat wings out to the live edge of the burl that gives the piece a maximum width of approx 50cm. 
Carefully excavating the bark that once covered the burl reveals the chaotic, erratic growth that characterises a burl. 

Finished with beeswax and friction polish. While the finishes used are food safe, the nature of the burl itself means it has many voids and inclusions that could potentially trap small food particles, so I do not recommend this piece for use as a salad bowl.

Effective size 50x30x10cm 

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