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Large spalted, warped bowl.

Large spalted, warped bowl.

Large bowl in spalted beech from the Sonian forest, Brussels. 
Approx 50cm x 14cm high. 

This piece of spalted beech was turned while the wood was still wet and allowed to warp and twist as it dried. 
Foodsafe beeswax and oil finish. 
The wood for this piece came from a tree at 50°38'29.9"N 4°20'08.8"E

  • Care info

    Wood can warp and continue to change shape over the life of the object.
    Avoid leaving liquids sitting in the bowl, do not microwave or place in the dishwasher. 
    Do not let allow fruit to decay in the bowl. 
    Clean with a damp cloth after use. Very occasional applications of a neutral oil such as sunflower oil will help preserve the wood. 
    Otherwise, using it as a salad bowl will both protect the wood through contact with oils, and over time develop a patina. 


  • Shipping Info

    FLASH: Pickup available in Dublin, May 22 if you order by Friday 17 May at latest. 

    Standard shipping cost for EU shipping. 
    Pickup option available by appointment in Brussels. 
    Contact me for delivery outside of EU. 

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