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Shield bowl, 52cm x 8cm

Shield bowl, 52cm x 8cm

Handturned bowl in spalted beech from the Sonian Forest. 
Sourced at 50°38'29.9"N 4°20'08.8"E . 

This large bowl was turned once from wet spalted beech and allowed to warp and twist as it dried.  The design is loosely based on bronze-age shields that featured a central boss. 
Foodsafe beeswax and mineral oil finish. 

  • Care information

    This is a natural wood project. While it is stable as sold, wood reacts to changes in atmosphere, temperature and humidty. A wooden piece may move, warp further or even develop small cracks. For my these are features of the material rather than defects and should be viewed as such. 

    Cleaning wooden items like this can be done with a lightly damp cloth, but should never be soaked in water or have water stagnate inside it. 
    Avoid leaving fruit rot inside the bowl, if you wish to refresh the finish you may apply any neutral oil such as sunflower oil or mineral oil with a cloth. 

  • Shipping Info

    FLASH: Pickup available in Dublin, May 22 if you order by Friday 17 May at latest.

    Standard shipping cost for delivery within belgium. 
    Pickup option available by appointment in Brussels.
    International shipping may require further crating, contact me if you are outside the EU. 

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